torsion_springTorsion Springs are a helical spring which exerts a torque. The torsion spring have the resistant to the rotationally applied force. The torsion springs are designed to be twisted rather than compressed or extended. The load is apply to the end of the spring, the spring rotates through an angle, depends upon the load. They store and release the angular energy.


  • Spring Steel 0.15 to 60 mm wire diameter
  • Square wire up to 20 mm wire diameter
  • Stainless steel - 0.15 to 60 mm wire diameter


Dimensions: length of spring, wire diameter, inner diameter, outer diameter. When the spring is require to slip over a mandrel with sufficient clearance to operate freely, the inner diameter should be specified. But when torsion spring is required to fit in to a circular hole with sufficient exterior clearance to operate freely, the outer diameter should be specify. The spring coil length is the length of the spring itself.