tension_springs_extension-Springs.jpg In India we have our recognition as the highest metal tension springs manufacturer. We offer man made high quality tension springs. The springs are made from good quality steel, which make the product highly reliable and strong. Its capacity is better to pull again a load. These springs are used in various industrial applications like electric switches, automobile parts, mechanical seals, oil seals, weighing scales, electronic parts etc.


  • Spring Steel 0.15 to 60 mm wire diameter
  • Square wire up to 20 mm wire diameter
  • Stainless steel 0.15 to 60 mm wire diameter
  • We offer customize material as per client’s requirement

Extension springs types_of_endsvaries in end shapes for garage doors, automotive industries. Drawbar spring is also extension spring. Extension springs absorb and store energy and offer resistance to a pulling force. There are a variety of extension springs are seen. When the extension springs are attached to both ends of a load, the spring tries to bring them together again. How tightly the spring is coiled is determines by the initial tension apply to it. The springs are tightly wounded without the load. The springs have the hooks, eyes and other interface design at the end to connect the load.

The extension springs are of different types depending upon their end design. The distance of the end of the coiled springs from the spring body is also vary and can be adjusted to get the desired spring design.

The drawbar spring is also the one type of extension springs which is also called loops depending upon its design. The load can apply at the one ends of long steel loops which pass through the springs centre and are hooked around another end, that’s way it compressing the spring upon loading. The drawbar springs are excellent for the potential overload situations and offer a definite stop that will continue to carry a static load after reaching the maximum extended length. The drawbar extension spring is mainly used when supporting a porch swing.

Applications: The extension springs have their main use in automotive interiors and exteriors, garage door assemblies, washing devices, vise-grip pliers, toys, trampolines, carburetors and many other uses. tension springs are of different sizes. They are seen from small medical devices to off-road machine’s brake springs.